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   Vintage SAAB Enthusiasts are, generally speaking, a curious bunch.  As a group we defy simple categorization, although endearing terms such as eccentric and peculiar have been used by the muscle-car camps (and others) to describe us for decades now.  As individuals, I think it's fair to say that most VSAABers are aware that their chosen pastime showcases them in an unusual light.  We understand that part of the thrill of obsessing on anything is the way that we feel when we're recognized through our obsession as being different.  Sick as that may seem to the uninitiated, it is that thrill which, deep down, drives many of us to keep the spirit of these old cars alive -- whether we choose to admit it or not.

  Caring for an old car can create and mold attitudes and impressions and emotional monuments in a person that deserve an outlet for expression.  In the world of automobile enthusiasm, this outlet comes in many forms -- artistry in paintwork, reaching extreme performance goals or even just being the last guy still rolling in a demolition derby, for example.  Some of us are driven to write about the ownership experience... and not necessarily within a technical framework.  Getting observations or feelings down in words can be painfully difficult for many of us, while some find that it provides exactly the kind of outlet that's needed.

  In this section, we will present articles written by vintage SAAB enthusiasts that run the gamut from highly technical to purely emotional.  Solid advice from those who know, along with words of wisdom from those who know enough -- to stop and think.


Chris Rogers



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Deep Thoughts and Random Ramblings:

Taxonomy of an Obsession

SAAB Poetry, by Mike Szostkiewicz

Small Job, Big Problems

My Swedish Blonde, by Richard Clark

The Honeymoon

A Brief Timeline of SAAB's Company History


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