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93, 95, 96 models Previously Sold Through VSAAB.COM

SOLD!    1973 SAAB 96

     I bought this car primarily because the body was so nice. My intention was to make it into an electric car.  I had done a Saab 96 electric conversion in the mid 1980's using SCR's and a 24 volt DC traction motor.  We pieced together several cars and transaxles to try it.  After cracking a few well worn ring and pinions I stopped doing that.  I bought this car to be a project to keep until I retired. I waited too long and can no longer do the work required. If you wanted to do a restoration this is the perfect starting point. There is minimal rust on this car. It is mostly on the edges with maybe 30 or so pock marks in other places. With care and time (and 4000 grit paper) you could touch this car up without needing a complete repaint. I think the grill will need to be painted and the left front fender has had a repair that probably was not re-galvanized and is showing rust.

     The engine will need work.  My customers kids took the car from the valley up to Mt. Bachelor without saying where they were going and the engine did not have enough anti-freeze. They heard a lot of noise when they started the car. The noise stopped so they drove home. They free-wheeled down the mountain but drove home the last 50 miles with the temperature in the red. My guess is that the starter broke the fins off the water pump. The least it will need is a pump, maybe gears, radiator rebuild, probably heater core rebuilt as well. There is a risk that something lost temper from the prolonged overheating. The owners decided against taking that risk so I bought it for the body.

     I put my last set of stored a long time in a cool dark place Michelins on this car. It has snows on the front and regular 165R15 Xs on the back. There are a few minor dings. The right rear fender mount has some bend in it that looks like an easy fix. The front seats are worn, the rear seat is good. It has the headrest frames but no headrest inserts.  It has a the stock jack and a marginal spare wheel with no tire.

     This car has a perfect dash and zero structural rust. If you are going to spend the time and effort on a serious job, this is the right body to start with. I think the left rear side passive reflector is the only part that is not there on this car.

  $4,500 OBO

Myles Swift
(541) 895-2255
Creswell, OR

(07/3/16 Q)




SOLD!  1971 SAAB 96

The car is complete.  I started the restoration but stopped because of health issues. The body is in good shape. There is some rust on the bottom edge of the driver’s door. The interior has a small tear in the drivers seat, otherwise in excellent unrestored condition.  The front fenders have been replaced with NOS parts.  The engine was rebuilt but not painted.  It has a new clutch and pressure plate as well.  The exhaust is sound.  I was able to find a NOS dumbbell front muffler and the back section was replaced just before the original owner took it off the road.  It needs new brake lines and brakes. The lines broke when I started taking them apart.   Includes a parts car that has good glass and body panels. Buyer responsible for transportation.

  $500 OBO

David Westlake
(860) 965-0288
Mansfield Center, CT

(05/11/16 Q)


SOLD!   1972 SAAB 96
  • V4
  • Approximately 102,000 miles
  • Two-owner car originally from a dealership in Massachusetts
  • Purchased from original owner in 2002
  • Driven regularly during summer months and garaged during winter.
  • Runs great!
  • Recent mechanical work includes rebuilt clutch slave cylinder, horn, lights, plug wires, general tune-up and maintenance.
  • Very little rust.
  • Missing one piece of door trim, needs paint and upholstery on front seats.
  • I love this car, but it has become impractical for me to continue to own it.  Please give it a good home!

$4,500 OBRO

Shelley Cummings
(207) 890-9637
Norway, Maine

Submitted:  4/1/15 Q





SOLD!  1969 SAAB 95
  • Body is clean and straight with good original paint
  • Minor surface rust only - no surprises
  • Needs reupholstering
  • Trans replace about 10 years ago and new valve seats installed
  • Gas tank completely stripped, cleaned and rebuilt at same time
  • Weber carburetor replaced the original FoMoCo
  • Runs well on its original 1500cc Ford V4
  • Electric fan installed, works well in 100° summers!



Bill Tubbs

Herald, CA

Submitted:  5/1/15 Q



SOLD!  1967 SAAB 96 V4

First year for 4-stroke V4 engine.   I've had this car 6 years and have been using it as a daily driver during spring-to-fall months here in Illinois.  Starts good, runs good, drives good.  Everything works except the clock and it's all there, nothing missing (the "chrome" strips along the side, however, are plastic, not metal). 

Appearance wise, well....it's a 47 year old "survivor" and people seem to like it like it is.  At some time in the past it was clear coated and that is peeling off.  Paint bubbles are showing up in original paint.  Seat upholstery not original but in good condition, as are floor mats.  Floor wise, it has the original floors.  There was rust along the sides and I patched that with a sheet metal/Fiberglas "sandwich" ...galvanized metal on top and underneath with a layer of Fiberglas cloth between.  This can be seen in the photos of the bare front floor.  Has worked well.  The trunk floor is all original, no rust there.  Car has Simons Sportsystem exhaust and a Weber carb.

I've enjoyed the car and hate to sell it, but it's time to reduce my fleet of vehicles.  Have clear title.  Email or call with any questions, can take additional photos.  Buy it, drive it home and enjoy it as it is...or restore it to new if you want.


asking $3,850

Steve Parsons
(309) 694-6588
Washington, IL

Submitted:  5/23/14 Q



SOLD!   1966 SAAB 96 Monte Carlo 850

     After being stored in my garage for almost 20 years, this Monte was brought back to life by Tom Donney and crew in Fort Dodge IA and is going to a new home.  Daily driver?  Vintage racer?  Bring it back and beyond to better-than-original?  Your choice.

     To fully appreciate this car, come to Minnesota for a test drive and visit the Mall of America while you are here: I'll pick up you & your companions at the MSP airport.

    Contact me for full details including links to in-car and other video.

     I've tried to include every bit of information you could want for buying it from eBay.

$8,000 firm

Bruce Bakke
(651) 645-3949

Submitted:  10/14/13 Q



SOLD!  1969 SAAB 95 Estate Wagon

An excellent example of a rare car in very good condition.  

  • 67,583 miles

  • Ford V-4 engine (matching #s for this car) 1500 cc runs strong and burns no oil

  • Heads removed and complete valve train and head refurbished

  • Hardened seats installed ( use w unleaded gas)

  • Has Weber two-barrel carb, manifold, and linkage installed

  • Electric fuel pump, steel timing gears, Jack Lawrence Exhaust header and tail pipe

  • New clutch, pressure plate, clutch kit installed; re-sleeved and rebuilt clutch master and new slave cylinder installed; four on the tree manual transmission; free wheeling all works perfectly.  

  • Headlights are Cibie H-4s; fog lamps are Hella's

  • New paint; all rust and dents removed; car primed with rust preventive epoxy primer;  base coat/clear coat in original color applied.  Interior floors redone: rust removed and coated w POR 15

  • New carpet; seats refurbished (restuffed and re-upholstered; interior very clean; no cracks on dash; headliner in very good condition.  New tach installed on steering column.  

  • Averages about 32 MPG; starts right up cold and is very dependable daily driver.   

$9,500 OBO



Matthew Kelleher
(415) 816-3867
El Cerrito, California



SOLD! 1971 SAAB 95 (reduced!)

This 1971 SAAB 95 is a rare one!  The Taunus V4 engine runs great!  4-speed on the column transmission works great! This car will make a great addition to any car collection!  Comes with dust cover, original owner's manual and maintenance manual. 

  • 68,000 original miles
  • Recent valve cover work
  • Front wheel drive
  • V4 Taunus engine
  • Needs body work
    (holes & rust)
  • 4-speed manual trans
  • All lights work
  • Horn & lighter work
  • Needs blower motor fixed
  • Pick-up only, will not ship

US$1,800 or best offer



Taylor Campbell
Presque Isle, ME

(781) 789-5053



SOLD! 1965 SAAB 96   (reduced!)

  As reported in the 1 May 2000 Swedish-American newspaper “Vestkusten”,  in 1965 Gunnel Engquist (now Weiner) took the train from Goteborg to Trollhattan  and ordered her first car from the Saab factory – a 1965 Saab 96.  The car was immediately shipped to New York where it cleared customs (as the non-taxed personal possession of an immigrant) and shortly thereafter Gunnel drove it to Los Angeles.  Since then, the 96 has been a family member – always registered, garaged/carported, and regularly driven (only) in California by Gunnel or husband Mike.

  We call it “TED” because of its original black CA license.  TED has been regularly serviced and maintained for decades by Bud Clark in Orange, CA.  Perhaps 20-years ago he installed metal CV joints to replace the rubber joints and front disc brakes to replace the drums, along with an improved exhaust system.  Other small improvements to the stock 2-stroke motor include an electric fuel pump.  We also have stronger seats with the open head-rests.  The odometer says 7,000 miles – but it should show 107,000-miles – and Bud has rebuilt the crankshaft less than 20,000 miles ago.

  We went for about a 50-mile drive today , Feb. 19th.  The car runs good.  However, Bud Clark says that the main bearings are “growling” a bit.  The tranny/clutch/freewheel work fine.  Everything works, but the aftermarket radio/speakers aren’t so good.  The tires are old (checked)  and I would replace them before any really long trips.

  There is some surface rust on the rear bumper and some of the chrome – but that is about all.  The car has been repainted the original Polar White – and the finish is in quite good condition.  The interior is good, and could easily be made beautiful with new seat-covers, floor-mats, a steering-wheel wrap, and improvements to the weather-stripping and piping.  Photo album at  http://picturetrail.com/22mike22

  We visited the Saab Museum in Trollhattan perhaps 15-years ago.  On display was a ‘64/65 Model 96.  We were pleased to see that TED looked better! 

  The original Owners Manual and Service Book , a factory Shop Manual, and a factory Parts Book are included, along with original documents, the Vestkusten newspaper article, original tools and jack, several quarts of Torq-O synthetic two-stroke oil, and some spare parts.

  Why would we be willing to part with a family member after all of these years?  We are getting a bit old to do the small things to keep TED in top shape, and it would feel great to see him in the next enthusiasts garage for the next 45 years or so!  We also have two other Saabs to keep running as our daily-drivers.

US$8,900  US$7,900



Mike or Gunnel Weiner
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 474-6443



SOLD! 1959 SAAB 93B

   This was the first car I bought, and then drove, my last year in high school. As often happens when young, my initial sighting of that unusually sleek body had me very much attracted!

   Off we went together to college, after which the engine was replaced with a Monte Carlo 850. Another pattern of youth is always seeking more power! This then became my dad's commute car until he lost number 2 cylinder - the car went into “some day” mode.

   “Some day” arrived as the car approached the age of 40 and I happened upon the “Collectable Classic” section of Automobile magazine - the article revived my sleeping enthusiasm!  The GT850 / Monte Carlo was the featured car, and I learned in that article of Bud Clark of J & B Imports.  I called upon his expertise to build a fresh Monte Carlo 850, as well as wisely answer various questions.  All together, with the engine, new tires, sleeved/rebuilt master cylinder, electric fan, etc, I spent about $1,500 at that time.  The engine has less than 100 miles, and I still feel this is an exceptionally unique car, but my attentions have turned elsewhere - time for a new home!  VIN is 53821.




Allan Book
Middletown, CA
(707) 272-5857

SOLD!  1960 SAAB 93F

     The 93F is the last of the line before the 96 was begun in the same year - 1960.  The primary outside indication that this is a single-year model is the door hinge.  All prior-year 93 models had 'suicide' doors, hinged in the rear.  In 1960 it the hinges were moved to the front -- just in time for the introduction of the 96. Before I acquired it in 2004 it was garaged for several years. After taking it outside for photos it was taken to my current garage where it's been protected from the elements ever since. This car is very straight, no dents or indications of any accident damage. No integral rust... just surface rust and dirt from its long dormancy. I also have some of the reproduction bumper parts from the Swedish SAAB Club. From what I can tell the only other things missing are turn signal lenses and insignia. The engine in the car now is not correct for the year, but I am including another engine that IS as part of the deal.

Like many of us, I acquired the car to restore and drive it but now that I'm retired, my interests have reverted to driving them and not restoring them. This can be a very pretty car when totally restored!






Bill Tubbs
Herald, CA (25m SE of Sacramento)


SOLD! 1969 SAAB 96

   This is a pristine never-restored, but well maintained 1969 SAAB 96.  It still looks like it just came from the factory, as you can see in the pictures.  The original odometer reads less than 38900 miles.  There is no rust anywhere on this car, the undercarriage is as clean as the rest of the car.  The original interior is like new, bright colors, soft and supple with no holes or tears.  Headliner is original and perfect.  The car's exterior was repainted once (with it's original color) Polar White, and it is a beautiful bright paint finish (including door jams, etc.).  No orange peel, overspray or any imperfections that I can see. The engine has the standard upgraded 34ICH Weber carb (with manual choke) for improved drivability, but I have an original FoMoCo carburetor for this SAAB, if you want to refit it.  The ignition is a Pertronix electronic for reliability.  The engine bay is also beautiful, as the picture shows.  The car has 5 new Vredestein (155x15) tires mounted on 5 freshly powder-coated SAAB rims and all new shocks.  The car idles and runs well, stops (disk brakes) and handles like a new car.  Shocks, fuel pump and other wear items have been replaced as part of the car's routine maintenance recently.

  This car has been passed down from one enthusiast to another over the years and has spent some time in a transportation museum.  I have records and a short history of the car.  All chrome and stainless is original and in beautiful condition.  The only non-original parts are the following upgrades.  The radio is a period-correct Blaupunkt, but I also have the original working SAAB-Bendix unit to go with the car.  The pictures also show period-correct aftermarket sisal carpeting, a SAAB-locking gas cap, stainless-steel gravel guards and several "Rally" stickers.  The stickers are all vinyl, and can easily be removed.  They were added recently and if removed there will not be any evidence of paint fade or discoloration.  The car has been always been covered (car cover included) in my garage except when being driven.  There is also a set of 4 factory-accessory wheel trim rings (very rare), which I will include with the car.   The mud flaps are new and I have a new spare.  Some documentation and period brochures are also available.


Asking $12,500 obo



Russ Hertzog
Georgetown, TX
(713) 855-7512



1964 SAAB 96

88,822 miles.  Car has been stored in a pole barn for the last 7 years.  The man we got it from drove it there and it hasn't been moved since.  A restorer looked at it and said the car was in remarkable condition and highly restorable.  Interior is in great condition.  It appears to never have been wrecked but has a few dings.  We need to move this car because we no longer own the pole barn where it is stored.  Just make offer.  Could possibly deliver.   If no answer, please leave a message and I will get back to you.

$2,900 or best offer


Brian Olson
Litchfield, IL USA
(217) 313-0293

Submitted 9/1/09



1959 SAAB 93B

  • GT850 (1964) upwards conversion, to the best technology for the earlier series

  • Original came to Calgary Canada from Bangor, Maine in the early 1960’s and the GT850, imported from Sweden, was rolled in 1966 with 24K miles

  • 93B was stripped completely and all compatible GT850 mechanical and body components were installed

  • Completed in 1973, driven 9000 miles since restoration and has been stored since 1978

  • Drive train is 100% GT850 as are brakes, steering, suspension/wheels, interior and electrical

  • Bumpers have been re-chromed, bumperettes are new/factory

  • Very minimal rust at wing attachment rear, unchanged since 1973

  • Glass is original as is the headliner

  • Brake pads and clutch are original factory ’64

  • Master cylinder changed 1981 and new wheel cylinders installed in rear

  • Color 1966 BMC polar white/no clear coat

  • Tires: Michelin X front, BFG rear, no miles.

  • Interior: passenger seat and rear seat cushions: original 1964; driver's seat cover replaced with factory cover (red insert only available instead of grey) 1974

  • All parts are in good working order. 

  • Manuals: Factory (partial)1962, and 1964 850 GT supplement

  • Some parts.


Note:  A recent, professional appraiser's report is available for review by seriously interested parties.

Tom Louie
Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

Submitted 8/15/09



1971 SAAB 95 Wagon

  • California car, clear title on non-op status
  • Very little rust, fresh 1.7L engine with upgrade
  • Weber carb on FoMoNo aluminum manifold
  • K&W filter, Pertronix ignition, good battery
  • Performance exhaust (needs muffler)
  • Upgraded radiator w/electric fan, KYB shocks
  • Many extra parts - 1 pair rear fenders, 1 pair fiberglass flared front fenders, aluminum rally skid plate, 2 extra grills and box of parts, bumpers are there but not installed, SAAB factory shop manual, V4 high-performance engine book
  • Windshield cracked, wheels don't match
  • Needs paint



Dave Klein
Valley Center, CA  USA
(760) 742-3556 (H)
(760) 500-8803 (C)

Submitted 6/8/09



1959 SAAB 93F


Two-stroke, three-cylinder, Monte Carlo engine. 

Front hinged doors, great upholstery and roofliner.

Good paint, recent brake overhaul.

$5,700, must sell!

Saab 93_1 

Steve Heinig
Buckley, WA
(253) 332-5039

Submitted 1/17/09


1968 SAAB 96 Deluxe


Parts or project car.   This V4 SAAB spent its entire life in northern Illinois and Indiana, so you imagine how much rust there is on it.  But the interior is in fairly decent shape and I was driving this lovely thing regularly (and having a heck of a time) before the transmission went out a year ago.  It's been in the garage since. 

Also not working:  interior light, parking brake, speedometer/odometer.  Dashboard is cracked in three places but the upholstery, headboard and carpet are all in fairly good shape.  No driver's side seat belt.  Oil leaks, but the compression's not at all bad.  The car was originally white and has been rather poorly repainted.  The radio is the original and works, but speaker is new.  Glass in good shape.  Driver's side tail light cracked and poorly repaired.  Owner's manual and service manual come with it.  More pictures on request.

$750 or best offer

South suburbs of Chicago, IL
(708) 957-7488

Submitted 12/4/08



1970 SAAB 96

White with red interior. 

Overall in good condition and may be operable.

Needs work and/or restoration.


Asking $1025

Brenda Strey
(310) 946-6437

Submitted 6/19/08



1973 SAAB 95 V4 Wagon

  • I have had her since she was new and I was young.  Wanted to restore her but just can't pull it off.  

  • 89,509 miles on odometer.  

  • It has had a couple of engines or rebuilds. 

  • Body is pretty good, some rust, dent in left rear side fender, a 6-inch tear in left side at bottom in front of right door, and bubbles on hood.

  • It has not been running for a couple of years, had, (I think it was), a fuel line fire which was quickly extinguished.  Fire damage seems to be around spark plug area and one fan blade is melted, but no other metal meltdowns and the rubber parts are mostly intact.  Before that, I had major repairs done. 

  • In September 2001 (86672miles) had the engine removed to replace gear shaft, fan drive gear, fan bearing assembly, gaskets, seals and clutch assembly was replaced. 

  • In Jan 2001 axle bushing for brake and clutch pedal repaired. 

  • In Nov 1999 (85352mi) the transmission was completely redone. 

  • Tires almost new when last driven. 

  • The registration is current and she even has the original manual. 

  • Interior: headliner intact, no tears.  Back seat and jump seat in good condition, there is one small 2" rip in back seat.  Front seats need work.  Inside looks pretty good apart from that. 

  • She had a supporting role in a Huey Lewis Video, "Bad is Bad" during the '80s. 

I'd love for her to go to a Saab fan who'd like to fix her up.

$500 or best offer

Louise Wright
(415) 868-9023
Stinson Beach, California

Submitted 7/6/07



1970 SAAB 96


I hate to be posting this little car for sale because it’s like part of the family - but the time has come. 

My son and I have been working on this a little at a time for 8 years.  It has always been my son’s daily driver and it still is.  He is graduating from college and needs a car that requires a little less tinkering.  Because we’ve loved owning it we had Paul Vail from Absolute Saab rebuild the engine last spring - but a newer car is what we need.  The car is currently in San Diego where my son attends college.

Here’s a list of what we’ve done:

  • The car has 120200 original miles

  • Full engine rebuild at 115K incl new pistons

  • New Weber carb

  • Rebuilt alternator

  • New water pump

  • Custom built high capacity radiator

  • New stock exhaust system

Additional new or renewed parts:

  • Electric radiator fan and thermal switch

  • New coil and electronic ignition

  • Rebuilt starter motor

  • Rebuilt wiper motor

  • New brake master cylinder

  • New Clutch master cylinder

  • New Clutch slave cylinder

  • New Clutch and pressure plate

  • Rebuilt rear brake cylinder

  • New front brake pads

  • New front end upper and lower bushings

  • Front and rear seats custom reupholstered

  • New shocks all around

There is very little rust and the car has very good glass all around.

$6,750  $5,750


Jerry Kester
(208) 731-9865, or
Brad at (208) 420-2391
San Diego, CA

Updated 4/9/07



1968 SAAB 96

  • V4, 4 speed on the column
  • New tires and upholstery
  • Factory heater, AM/FM stereo w/cassette player
  • Tinted windows, very clean
  • Extra parts incl. engine block w/heads to valve covers
  • Many extra electrical parts, weather stripping, tail light lenses, bumpers and grill
  • Three owner car, originally purchased in Redding, CA
  • Second owner Matt Stoich, Larkspur, CA
  • I bought in 2003.
  • Manuals and other literature included
Thanks to Jack Ashcraft for all of his help.

$6,000  $4,000


Frank Hutchens
(559) 259-0589
Fresno, CA

Submitted 3/9/07



1959 SAAB 93B, Suicide Door Bullnose

Body is in great condition, no bondo, all original and straight.  Floors are solid with no cancer, only a little surface rust in a few spots.  Door panels and headliner are missing but the original seats are present with the vehicle.  The car has its original 3 speed trans, but it comes with an 850cc 3cylinder 2 stroke engine from another Saab.  Engine is complete and comes with triple carburetor set-up and single set-up.  Front bumper & rear driver-side window is missing.  The front windshield is cracked, but all other glass besides the drivers passenger window is in good condition.  Comes with extra windshield and rear axle assembly.  This is an excellent restoration project for your true SAAB enthusiast.  Any other questions, feel free to call me in the evenings or weekends.   I have had this car for six years, but other projects force this sale.   More pictures are available upon request.



Tony Lopez
Tucson, AZ USA
(520) 744-0315

Submitted 10/11/05



1972 SAAB 95

This wagon has spent its life in the semi-arid climate of southern California and for many years it was stored in a barn under cover.  I bought it a few years back to restore and I've been slowly bringing it back to life ever since.  Now, it's time to let someone else finish what I've started. 

The current engine and transmission are from a ’72 Sonett that I bought from a guy for parts.  He'd had Bud Clark rebuild the whole drivetrain about 5000 miles before he smacked a light pole in a parking lot.  Both the transmission and the engine are in excellent running condition; the trans has a very low-mileage ring and pinion which was replaced during the transmission rebuild.  Carb is a Weber 34ICH, with most of the vacuum plumbing sorted out.  Manual choke, starts handily every time.  I’ve replaced all hydraulic components with the exception of the hard brake lines.  NEW parts include (4) tires, clutch disc, clutch master, clutch slave, brake master, wheel cylinders, calipers, pads and shoes, front hoses, and all ball joints, bushings and tie rod ends that were worn.  Front shocks are Koni and work well, rears are stock levers and need to be rebuilt.  The dash pad is practically like new and most of the seat vinyl is excellent with the exception of the driver’s seat bottom which is split.   The plastic coating on the rear deck is sun damaged in spots. 

There is NO ROT anywhere on this car.  There are a few very minor surface rust spots that could easily be cleaned-up by hand.  The underbody and rockers are totally solid.  All-in-all, if you ever wanted to restore a 95, this is the one to work with.  That's exactly why I bought it.  Now that it's running, and mechanically sound, attention can be turned to the cosmetic issues.


  • Exhaust from midpipe back

  • Interior door panels redone - the backer board is broken in spots, the panels are currently out of the car

  • LF fender and turn signal assembly took a minor hit before I bought it -- a replacement fender is available

  • Body attention -- the clearcoat is peeling in places and there are quite a few little dings and dents

  • Rear shocks, leaky and bouncy -- they are rebuildable

  • Dash clock (missing)

  • Rear brakes drag a bit - it's likely just a weak return spring, or the e-brake mechanism is sticking

  • Windshield gasket and trim

  • Driver's seat bottom needs repair

Best offer over $2500


Chris Rogers
San Diego, California USA

Submitted 2/25/06



1961 SAAB 93F

I have been thinking about selling my 93F for a while and now it will be offered for sale as I do not feel that I have the time and or patience to do a complete restoration as I had intended to do on this car.  Here is the skinny on the car:

It has sat for approximately 28 years under cover and has little to no rust and no known perforation.  There are a few very small bubbles on the body where the left rear fender joins, and there has never been any rust repair.  Body straight, all glass good.  Both doors dented, but again no rust.  850 engine and 4 speed were installed before car was parked and both believed to be good, engine free, but I have not run it, base engine, single carb.  GT750 interior panels, good in rear, door panels rough.  Car has a 96 GT750 serial number plate and is titled as a 1961 96 GT750.  Has the twin pipe GT or Monte exhaust system.  Mint 93F owners manual and the cool gas cap with the add oil gold sign attached.  Some extra spares.  Missing coil/ignition switch and the 93 emblem from trunk.  Car was running and driving when parked years ago.  Came from the Rick Wolf collection in Oregon, I bought it from a guy who bought it from Rick and hauled it up to Washington. 


Dan Morley
Gig Harbor, Washington
(253) 858 1615

Submitted 9/22/05



1971 SAAB 95

  • Offered for sale is a 1971 Saab model 95 station wagon

  • Presently has 81,500 miles and is in tidy shape.

  • Have put 13,105 miles on it beginning with a ride from Seattle to Denver

  • I will deliver for expenses

  • Lots of documentation since it rolled out of Howard Hughes' lot in Houston

  • Very clean original interior, very rust free and includes a nice compliment of spares.

  • Biggest problem is clearcoat separation has started.

  • If serious, call my cell or request my pix pack.


Bob Ohman
Denver, Colorado
(303) 570-9333  cell

Submitted 9/22/05



1973 SAAB V4

  • California car

  • Great running daily driver or show quality car!

  • Powertrain, motor and transmission rebuilt by Bud Clark
    at J&B Imports, Orange California

  • 500 miles on new drivetrain

  • New clutch (a little weak but replacement comes with car)

  • New clutch master cylinder

  • New Weber carb with manual choke

  • New exhaust system with Y pipe

  • New tires

  • New electric fuel pump

  • New front lenses

  • Pertronix ignition

  • New brakes, complete

  • New weather stripping

  • New fender welting

  • Rebuilt brake master cylinder

  • Lots more!


     This car has been totally disassembled and painted to full restoration quality by nationally recognized rare automobile restorer Restoration Plus. Interior completely restored.

     Why would I sell a car like this for this you ask?  I have been collecting and restoring cars for 25 years and I now have ten.  I just bought another so I have to make room.  I have complete confidence in this car.

     This car has no rust; it's solid as a rock. I don't want to sell it but I need to make space.  I have approx. $15,000 invested in this little jewel and would love to see it owned by someone who would love it as we do.  If you would like any more details or more photos please contact me.

Vernon Atterberry
Ft. Smith, Arkansas
(479) 785-2564

Submitted 9/27/05



1972 SAAB 95

I have a 1972 Saab 95 with 127,000 miles that I would like to sell.  It's in immaculate and original condition with new paint (3 yrs) and perfect body.  The paint job included minor ding repair, re-chroming bumpers, new windshield, and rubber on windows. 

I have owned it since it was new and have treated it well it's whole life. The mileage is probably 80% hwy miles with almost no city driving. Mechanically very solid and runs beautifully.  I have all the major receipts, have kept a maintenance log, and have changed oil every 3 k and trans every 8-10 K.  Currently am using synthetic oil in trans which works great.  Car has been garaged it's entire life. 

Other features include dealer installed tachometer and custom sunroof with varnished mahogany trim.  Comes with lots of extras including cable snow chains, shop repair manual, and spare parts.



Alex Spear
Port Townsend, WA USA
(360) 385-3001

Submitted 8/8/05



1966 SAAB 96

This would be a nice project car for a Saab collector.  The car is complete and original.  I have started the motor and cleaned the fuel tank but I haven’t driven it because the brake system needs to be bled.  This car has a 850cc three cylinder motor with three carburetors & manual transmission.  There is no major damage on this car; the worst dent is on the right door (see photo).  There is no rust at all, front seats are in good condition, rear seat and door need to be reupholstered.  It will also need new carpeting.  The VIN number is 371769.  

$1,000 obo

Guillermo Prudencio
(213) 210-6507
Los Angeles, California USA

Submitted 04/22/05 Q



1973 SAAB 96

  • 4-stroke V4 Ford engine

  • 106,151 miles
  • Disassembled 12 years go to install new timing gears
  • Garaged for a total of 10 years
  • Black, original color is green
  • 4-speed manual on the column
  • Good tires, one spare
  • Reclining seats
  • Brakes rusted
  • VIN# 96732021743

$600 obo

Tom Newman
(414) 870-1690
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Submitted 05/12/05 Q



1966 SAAB 95

  • White

  • 152,000 miles

  • Two-stroke, triple carb

  • 5-bolt hubs

  • Drive regularly until 6 years ago

  • Runs great but needs TLC, brake work

  • Have original two-stroke factory manual in binder

  • Needs a new home



Gilbert Merriman
(505) 662-5958
Los Alamos, New Mexico USA

Submitted 09/23/04 Q



1973 SAAB 96

  • 114,000 miles on the odometer, but not original engine

  • Engine runs extremely well; doesn’t miss a beat

  • Transmission a little noisy in second gear

  • Very small oil leak

  • Electronic fuel pump installed

  • Speedometer cable recently broke

  • Isn’t currently inspected, but passed fine the summer before last

This is a California car that I bought and drove cross-country in 1985.  I drove it for 1 year and parked it in my Dad’s barn.  It was made roadworthy again 2 years ago and has been driven in the summer months and stored in a barn in the winter months.  At the time of the purchase, it was cherry.

Cosmetically, the car has minor dings and a dent in the passenger side door.  In need of a new paint job. The upholstery on the seats had been redone and are still in fantastic shape.  The headliner was redone, but needs replacing.  The rear seats are in great shape and show no sings of UV deterioration.  A Blaupunkt AM/FM/cassette with equalizer has been installed in the glove compartment. The speakers are ADS and are mounted on the doors.  Stereo kicks ass.

Deal sweetener:  will include a set of Sonnet soccer ball wheel and lugs with the deal.

Asking $2,200

Hal Mayforth
(802) 229-2716
Montpelier, Vermont USA

Submitted 06/16/04 Q



1968 SAAB 96

  • Triple-carb setup

  • Starts and runs

  • Recent paint and upholstery

  • Some surface rust

  • 141,000 miles

  • Donated to the Towe Auto Museum, Sacramento CA

  • Shipping anywhere can be arranged

Asking $1,500, offers considered

Ken Shrewsbury
Towe Auto Museum
(916) 442-6802
Sacramento, California USA

Submitted 09/6/04 Q



1967 SAAB 96

  • Beautiful 1967 SAAB 96 premix stroker used as a semi-daily driver
  • VIN #456076
  • Standard 850cc engine (Block #732005 and Head #7320029)
  • 150,000 miles although only 5000 since restoration
  • Triple carbs, 4 speed, free-wheeling (that works)
  • Beautiful blue interior
  • No rust
  • Runs great, looks great
  • Daughter has turned 16 and now using my other car more so I need something a little more practical and with A/C. (a ’66 Mustang)
  • Completely rebuilt by SAAB specialists in 2000 (5000 miles ago) from nearly rust-free body.  Over $13,000 invested.  Work included:
    • Engine rebuild
    • New paint to deep blue from powder blue
    • Front disc brakes
    • Rebuilt carbs
    • 4 core radiator
    • New suspension front and rear
    • New dash
    • New quiet electric fuel pump
    • And much more
  • Extra parts including spare transmission and starter
  • Original owners manual (fair condition)
  • Original SAAB dealer shop manual (great condition)
  • Chilton’s manual
  • Some original literature

This car really is very clean and runs like a dream.  Perfect mechanical condition.  Beautiful interior also, but not original.  Would need a few changes for a show car, but a wonderful driver and only the most knowledgeable SAAB enthusiast would notice a few things that are not “correct.” 

If you want a great driver that really turns heads, this is the car.  I can e-mail tons of pictures and even a windows media video.

$6,900 or best offer


Tom Timbie
(904) 891-4336
Jacksonville, Florida USA

Submitted 06/2/04 Q



1968 SAAB 95 Wagon

  • Too many new parts to list

  • Over $5000 in recent mechanics

  • Daily driver that gets 27+ MPG on 87 octane.

  • Runs great, looks bad, needing rust repair on driver's door and minor body and paint.

  • Please contact for more details

$950  SOLD!

Alan Olson
(206) 242-9207
Seattle, WA  USA

Submitted 04/9/04 Q



1969 SAAB 96 V4

  • Daily driver

  • Starts immediately, every time

  • Body is in good shape.  NO RUST.  Was is excellent shape until a recent altercation with a small concrete parking garage pole.  Damage is minor and restricted to just above the driver's side front wheel well.  (e-mail for photos)

  • I'm the 3rd owner.  The car was driven from Colorado to Los Angeles last February in two days without incident.

  • Recently tuned and timed

  • Plugs and points done

  • Good tires

  • Freewheel works perfectly

  • Tan/brown interior is in very good condition

  • Slight oil leak

  • Radiator rebuild in past year, complete with new hoses.

  • Two mechanics claim it's a Monte Carlo; two claim it isn't.  You make the call.


$3,200 obo

Price reduced!     $2,500 obo

Adam Lowrey
(310) 633-6332
Culver City, California, USA

Submitted 03/31/04 Q



1971 SAAB 95, VIN 95101477

Fourth documented owner.  68,356 original miles, always garaged, virtually rust-free Texas car. 

  • Freewheel neutered

  • Repainted to original Savanna Beige

  • Soccerball wheels

  • No damage whatsoever. 

  • Four new 165R-15 tires

  • Fresh fluids, including Redline MTL

  • New heavy-duty battery

  • New tinted windshield (still in SAAB crate)

  • New center grille/emblem

  • Interior is pristine, no cracks in dash pad

  • Tuned-up with new ignition parts last year

  • Washington State tags are good until May 2004

  • I have most documentation

  • Everything functional exc. windshield washer & clock

  • Speedo cable noisy, as if there is a kink or bend somewhere


All in all,  this is one of the cleanest examples of this type to be found anywhere!

US$4,750.00 firm
(will adjust if buyer does not want new windshield)


Todd Hyder
(425) 501-9549
Everett, Washington  USA

Submitted 06/14/03 Q



1967 SAAB 96

My beautiful, white 1967 SAAB V4 with 135,000 miles is for sale.  I needed a second car to haul my kids around in. I have owned it for 4 years and have driven it daily.  This car has never let me sit, has ALWAYS started, never overheated, and runs incredibly!!  

The heat works excellent with manual valve under the hood, brakes work great too. All the windows are in perfect shape and function as they should, all gauges work excepting the clock.  All dash lights function, too.  New tires in the past 2 years, new front resonator and manifold pipes.  Recent spark plug wire set. The interior is decent and the body is a B+ with little rust.  A few scabs here and there have been repaired along the way.  Looks like the original paint.  Someone repaired the passenger rear panel along the way too.  Driver's door has an impression / dent and a few small pieces of trim were off when I bought it.  Silver tape takes the place of the chrome trim in the pictures and has been this way since I bought it to keep out water etc.  New valve cover gaskets were put on at 126,000 miles.  I rebuilt the brake and clutch master cylinders a year or so ago.  New oil sending unit.  Comes with some spare parts as well: fan bearing, jack, spark plug wrench, thermostat, brake clips, points, oil filter, car cover, spare tire, hubcaps, owners manuals, and service manuals, misc.  Free wheeling was welded before I got the car.  The transmission works great!  Like all old cars, it leaves a little oil on the garage floor but nothing serious.  Doesn't smoke and neither did I.  No glove box.  Car has been put in the garage every night here in Pennsylvania since I bought it.  

Buyer must pick it up here in PA.  I wouldn't recommend a multi-state drive although it does hold it's own on the highway. The longest highway trip I took has been around 50 miles.  Feel free to e-mail with any questions.  I will call you back.


Asking US$2,400.00

Don Peris
Pennsylvania, USA

Submitted 06/3/03 Q


1969 SAAB 96

Little Red is a wonderful 1969 Model 96 which I bought two years ago and began to restore.  I have been driving him every day since then but I finished my schooling in Seattle and have moved back home to Alaska.  It would have cost me $1000 to ship him up here and I don't have that kind of money on hand so the car is in storage in Seattle until the first week in Nov when I return for a few days. At this point he can be seen and will have to be sold.

I put him on Ebay before I left in August and the $1800 reserve was not met so I put him in storage as I had to leave the next day to return to Alaska.

He is a wonderful car, very mechanically sound under aged paint.  He has a few spots of minor surface rust – most has been repaired.  Some around lower edge of the rear trunk and inside the passenger door had yet to be dealt with but it is not major.  Any spots of rust in the engine compartment, floor, driver's door, front fenders, trunk (inside) has all been cleaned and painted with por-15 rust preventative paint.  He has new boards for the trunk floor.  He has approx 107K miles on the odometer.

New within the last 7K miles:

  • front calipers and hoses

  • clutch master & slave cylinders

  • alternator (rebuilt)

  • water pump – new OEM

  • valve job

  • carb adjustment

  • rebuilt CV joints inner and outer

  • front and rear speakers

  • front end alignment

  • NOS reinforced Rally A-arms

He is very original – even to the point of not having an external aerial.  He has an original Saab windscreen and the interior door panels are original in great shape.  The previous owner had the headliner rebuilt before I got him and it is perfect.  He has all the trim pieces and a complete set of hubcaps and insignia. The seats are original with headrest inserts. There are covers on the seats as the vinyl is cracked but the foam and frames are in perfect shape.

The original paint is tired, the two radiator mounts need reattaching to the radiator, the exhaust is in good shape but needs some re-welding up-front where the down tubes join the crosswise pipe - no rust - just poor welds.  The windscreen washer pump is dead, tyres are ok but show some wear due to his prior misaligned front.  He has has a few dents and dings commensurate with his age but nothing major.

There is synthetic oil in the engine and Redline synthetic manual transmission lube in the tranny.  He comes with a factory workshop manual and an original owners manual and records back to the 90's.  I also have boxes of misc. parts which can go with him as well as a set of four wheels (winter tyres?). There is a spare (blue) trunk lid (no dents), axles/CV joints, seats etc.

This car has never let me down. He runs like a champ with a lot of get up and go.  He is zippy and draws a lot of attention.  The purchaser has first dibs on purchasing the following new parts I acquired to get him into tip top shape: Perfect dash - no cracks or marks of any kind, two rebuilt heads with hardened seats (not really indicated but I was going for it!), complete engine gasket set and a professionally rebuilt original equipment FOMOCO carb.

The car is currently licensed in Alaska and since he was located in Seattle - he also has a Washington State emissions certificate.  If you are interested, e-mail me soon as it will be first come-first serve when I return to Seattle to show him and sell him Nov. 1-3 ONLY!

US$1,600 (or best offer - MUST SELL!)

Adam Grove
Seattle, WA
(907) 345-7038

Submitted 9/3/02 Q

1973 SAAB 96

50,000 miles of daily driving (and normal wear and tear) on a quite expensive complete restoration seven years ago; restoration photos and records available. Presently registered and inspected. Just had rebuilt front brake cylinder pistons, new seals, new front brake pads, and new Bosch platinum spark plugs.

New, over past 18 months:

  • exhaust system (complete)

  • rear brake cyl, springs, hardware, shoes

  • front brake rotors

  • clutch master and slave cylinders

  • windshield wiper motor

  • back-up light

  • brake light switch

  • radiator thermostat

  • cooling system flush and fill

The car had an engine-out engine and transmission rebuild 40,000 miles/7 years ago. The engine is the 1700 cc V4.  Parts are still available.  The following items were replaced 50-40,000 miles ago.  There is a new cam for improved lower-range torque.  New Weber 34ICH carburetor (manual choke), new distributor, electronic ignition, high output coil, ported heads, etc.  New clutch disc, plate, and throwout bearing.  The cooling system was reconfigured to recapture reservoir with electric fan.  Re-cored radiator.  New high-volume oil pump and drive.  New fuel pump, water pump and new water distribution fitting.  New brake master cylinder and hard line, rebuilt wheel cylinders and calipers, new parking brake cables. The upper and lower A-arms were reinforced (boxed), all new bushings, new snubbers and bumpers, new ball joints and tie-rod ends, front springs new NOS, rear springs replaced, new shocks (Bilstein front, Boge rear), front anti-sway bar installed.  Removable stainless-steel battery tray to facilitate front end alignment.  New windshield. The interior was redone as needed. The headliner and front seats are redone nicer than stock, the headliner in fabric and the front seats in MB-Tex vinyl with all new foam. The rear seat is original, as are the carpets. The Nardi wooden steering wheel is from a 1967 SAAB Monte Carlo rally model. The horn switch is now on the wiper stalk, with a dash button for windshield washer. New brake, clutch, and gas pedal pads. The car has a concealed Alpine detachable-face CD & radio system with front and rear speakers. Original owner's manual plus Haynes service manual plus much SAAB club literature.

Car currently needs: tuneup and valve adjustment; rear wheelarch rust repair; floor rust repair; mild crumple LF fender repair; LF parking light assy; general body and paint work. May need new tires to pass inspection in October. Windshield washer is balky.

These cars have bucketfuls of character and are great fun to drive. It is rare to see a SAAB 96 that is on the road, running and registered and inspected, that has so many new parts and so many components rebuilt, for this little money. The price is fair and realistic in view of the need to attend to body and paint issues.


John Marks
Rhode Island
(401) 782-6298

Submitted 8/26/02 Q

1969 SAAB 96

  • 2nd owner

  • 63,900 original miles

  • Totally original throughout

  • Never repainted or reupholstered

  • No rust - "Ever"

  • Always garaged

  • Original tools

  • Everything works

  • Can drive anywhere!


  • Window sticker

  • Owner's ID card

  • Owner's Manual

  • Owner's Service Booklet

  • "Thank You for Purchase" letter from SAAB



Tom Lovelace
Van Alstyne, TX
(903) 364-2866

Submitted 8/22/02 Q

1965 SAAB 96
Monte Carlo

  Car is an original California car and has been rebuilt completely by the last two owners.

There is no rust in or on this car.

  Recent work includes:
  • transmission by Bud Clark with about 50 miles on the rebuild
  • complete rebuild of the front and rear suspension 
  • all rubber bushes and ball joints replaced
  • Bilstein shocks all around
  • Continental tires
  • new windshield
  • new dash top

 Car is fitted with an electric cooling fan with manual switch control.  Parts are available for return to mechanical fan and radiator roller blind.  This car was 2nd Best in Show at Lake Tahoe in ’96 with a lot of work done since then. An extensive list of spare parts available.  The car is currently in Vancouver, Canada, and can be returned to the US easily. 

Reason for sale: Current owner is moving overseas.


Grant Slinn
Vancouver, Canada
(604) 738-5806

Submitted 8/14/02 Q

1968 SAAB 96
  • 3-cylinder, two-stroke

  • Original red paint

  • 67,000 original miles

  • Nice interior

  • Hood has been altered
    (has two pins in it)

  • Has not been driven for awhile


I got this car for my 16th birthday.  Dad and I spent months getting it running and had a lot of fun with
it.  Now, 12 years later, the car has been sitting for a long time long time- about five years.  I have a great fondness for this little go-getter.  I would love to sell it to someone who knows what they're getting into, and appreciates how special it is.  If I had the space and time to restore it, I would.

Asking US$600


Catherine Howard
San Jose, California USA
(415) 377-4077

Submitted 3/12/02 Q

1966 SAAB 96

This car has been stored for many years outside in a dry climate and is in need of restoration.  It is currently not running, but all the parts are there, plus a few extras.  A steal of a price for parts.  Will let it go to a good home!
  • 3-cylinder, 2-stroke

  • Restored with new engine in 1977 

  • Some body rust

  • Brakes are in great shape

  • Needs:
     - reconditioned seats
     - door upholstery
     - tires
     - TLC throughout



Asking US$695

Monty Lynn
Abilene, TX  USA
(915) 677-4257

Submitted 3/18/02 Q

1972 SAAB 95

This is a good running daily driver car that could be great with a fresh coat of paint.  I've owned this car for 4 years now and have done lots of work to all the major systems.  Some of the most notable work includes:

  • Rebuilt Transmission with all new bearings and synchros and a new clutch
  • Completely rebuilt brakes including master cylinder re-sleeved in brass, stainless brake lines, new rear wheel cylinders and rebuilt front calipers
  • Suspension work included rebuilt "heavy duty" rear shocks by Apple Hydraulics. The rear axle was repainted and rebuilt with new bushings. All new rear wheel bearings.
  • The engine has been gone through and includes new balance shaft bearings, all new seals, and a new water pump. Rebuilt heads with hardened seats. Jack Lawrence Holley 43mm performance carb and manifold. Entire exhaust replaced with new stock system within last 2 years.  Pertronix Ignitor Optical Ignition (no points).

The body is in good shape. There are some minor dents and very minor surface rust but there is no through rust or structural rust at all.   All instruments work well except horn and cigarette lighter.  The interior is in fairly good shape. All the seats are in good condition except the drivers seat has duct tape on the seat bottom. The headliner is in good condition except for 2 small holes from a mouse.  This car includes lots of spare parts including an extra rear door, spare rear opening windows, front chrome, master cylinder core, extra rear taillights, etc.

If you have any questions about the vehicle at all please do not hesitate to email or call me.

Asking US$1,700

More information and pictures are available at: http://www.sitespecific.net/stage/hal/saab95.htm

Hal Landvoigt
Seattle, Washington  USA
(206) 297-8450

Submitted 1/22/02 Q

1970 SAAB 96

    I have owned this vehicle for about eight years, the vehicle has spent its life in Oregon.  The car has been a daily driver for years and has been crafted into reliable and economical driver and has undergone a "as-needed" mechanical restoration.  Some highlights include a completely gone-through engine, brakes, suspension, and drivetrain.  The "new" list is long; call or email for specs.  

Also included, the usual stack of spares and other hard-to-find goodies.  I have been gathering parts to do the body work and of course... when I get everything I need I find myself writing this ad.

Asking US$2,750 or best offer

Brian McVay
Portland, Oregon  USA
(503) 286-1232

Submitted 1/22/02 Q

1969 SAAB 96 V4
  • Excellent, strong running engine

  • Needs a new clutch

  • Daily driver until the clutch went out

  • Tight ride, new ball joints & suspension bushings

  • New shocks

  • New tires

  • Engine & tranny oil changed every 3000 miles

  • No rust -- California car

Lots of newly restored parts in and out.  Fairly clean for a car of this age.


John Dentino
Los Angeles, CA  USA
(323) 906-1854

Submitted 8/17/01 Q

1967 SAAB 96 V4

98,000 miles, AM/FM radio, daily driver ready to cross country.  Here's what we've done since rescued from barn two years ago:   repainted Saab red, "like new" red interior, new 165-R15 tires, new clutch/pressure plate, rebuilt clutch slave/master cylinder, new brake lines and front pads, rebuilt brake cylinder, repaired wiper and blower motors, new heavy duty front shocks, new electric fuel pump, completely overhauled transmission with freewheeling removed by Marty Adams, new AM/FM cassette radio/tape player, urethane undercoated, updated airbox and air filter, fully enclosed PCV system, rebuilt Solex carburetor (new Weber carb goes with car), Pertronix ignitor, new water pump.  Engine serviced by Adams Specialty Engines and Lind Bros.  


Benjamin Webb
Cedar Fall, Iowa  USA
(319) 277-0024

Submitted 5/14/01 Q

Two 1971 SAAB 95s for sale

The tan one has 85,000 original miles and had been preserved by the oil method. I picked it up to replace the blue one in it's old age, then it was to restore it, but than my life changed. The blue one has 205,000 miles with engine and transmission rebuilt at around 130,000 and had a rust search and destroy mission around 122K, doors and fenders removed, rust blasted, treated, repainted and undercoated. The rear shocks were replaced at around 170K.  Both drove prior to their present resting spot. They get turned over yearly to pump the oil through, and the blue one actually still runs.  The tan one has a gas pump/float problem so it didn't start last year. They are still worthwhile for restoring. I had hopes of building a garage to work on them myself but having kids has greatly slowed down my ambitions of that.  I would like to find them a good home while they are still worthwhile.  I have many spare parts including tires and wheels, a front right fender, muffler, gas pump parts and more I can't remember in boxes in cellar.  I even think that there may be a radiator.  All the lenses are intact.  They reside in Barnstead New Hampshire and now that the snow is gone, they are accessible. They are presently up on blocks on top of tarps to cut down on the ground moisture.  

Gunner Stohlberg
Barnstead, Hew Hampshire  USA

Submitted 5/14/01 Q

1965 SAAB Special
  • Running 2-stroke

  • Pre-mix 850cc

  • California car

  • Stored from 1975 to 1995

  • Currently in gray primer

  • Originally light blue


US$750 or best offer


Mark Rheude
Covina, California  USA
(626) 967-2459

Submitted 12/6/00 Q


1972 SAAB 95 Wagon

  • Blue with tan interior. 

  • 7 passenger model with Saab A/C (all there but not working)

  • 80,000 original miles

  • Paint & interior is OK

  • Very good tires

  • Newer exhaust system

  • Needs ring and pinion gear but have a spare transmission ready for installation.  Runs well, but can't be driven due to R&P.

US$1,200 or best offer

Frank Smith
Eureka Springs, Arkansas USA

Submitted 3/13/01 Q

1972 SAAB 96

Cheap to good home, with spares including a 1969 engine (presently installed) and transaxle with Sonett ring & pinion.  Was a daily driver until head gasket failure on original engine.  Both engines have stellite (Capri) exhaust valves and steel seats.  Original engine has 50mm Weber carb and electronic ignition while current engine has been ported and relieved and the flywheel shaved.  Car has Y-pipe in lieu of front expansion chamber.  Needs front bumper (pretty rusty), mid exhaust pipe, TLC and paint.  Body and interior are fair.

Presently located in San Francisco Bay area.  Can be driven but is noisy (exhaust pipe) and very heavy as all spares are in the trunk/cargo compartment.


Please contact me before the first week of February 2001 as I'll soon be returning to Hawaii.



Paul Elliott
San Francisco, California  USA
(808) 896-5479

Submitted 1/20/00 Q

1970 SAAB 95

Perfect project car for anyone who's into the old style.  Exempt from smog requirements.  All paperwork is in order, California registration renewal is about $42.  A lot of extras are included -- must see.  Needs: paint, windshield and a little work here and there, not as much as you might think if you are truly a SAAB lover.  Runs like a champ!!!

V4 rebuilt in 1995.  Carb rebuilt in 1999.  Fuel cell and sender rebuilt in 2000.  Electronic timing and fuel pump.  Transmission is 31 years old and still doing the job!  I hate to let it go, but I just don't have the time to tinker with it anymore.

Asking US$1,200 or best offer

Steve Mena
Temecula, California  USA
(909) 235-5814

Submitted 2/6/01 Q

1964 SAAB GT850

For parts or restoration. 

  • Excellent body, straight and rust-free 

  • All emblems intact

  • Perfect unbroken grille

  • Straight bumpers

  • No broken glass

  • Good tires

  • Original interior with some repair to front seats

  • Original wood rim steering wheel in excellent shape.

  • Has 1984 Subaru 1800cc four-cylinder engine and transaxle mated to the original SAAB drive hubs.

US$2,500 or best offer

Pat Castle, Nashville Tennessee USA
800-841-5148 (8am to 4pm CDT)
615-226-9949 (evenings before 10pm CDT).

Submitted 8/29/00 Q

1971 SAAB 96

Beautifully restored car in elegant midnight blue, with over $12,000 invested in restoration. Restored to function as a daily driver with an engine that can cruise comfortably at 75-80+ mph all day!

  • Completely rebuilt by Saab specialists in 1996 from virtually rust-free body
  • Power-enhanced engine with rebuilt gearbox
  • Improved cooling system (larger radiator, electric fan, and oil cooler)
  • New brakes and suspension
  • New windshield
  • 20,000 miles since restoration

Asking US$8,500.00

Greg Roberts  (Boston, MA  USA)
Submitted 8/21/00 Q

1966 SAAB 96, 2-door, 2-stroke

For parts or restoration.  The vehicle currently resides on Long Island.  Interested?  E-mail at:

Diana Ritter  (New York, New York  USA)

Submitted 4/10/00

1970 SAAB 96, fully restored & ready to go!   fully restored & ready to go!   white, ~130K 

This one is a strong runner. The bulk of the work needed is cosmetic and would be a bit of a project for the neophyte, but a fairly easy fixer-upper for the committed SAABaholic. I bought this car from an owner on the Olympic Peninsula here in Washington, and have since owned it for three years. I have done some minor repairs myself, but have entrusted most of the major repairs to one of Puget Sound's best vintage SAAB mechanics. I have full record of repairs done since purchase.

Problems: The interior in general is pretty rough. There is some leakage around the passenger door and in the boot (the boot lid should probably be replaced). The speedometer just recently cut out (I had to fix this when I bought it too). Odometer does not work now either. The car had 107K when I bought it. I'd say the car has between 120-130K on it now. Gas gauge works but is off by a quarter of a tank. Quite frankly, it appears that a previous owner did a lot of their own electrical work, and did not know what they were doing. Potential buyers might want to consider a general rewiring. AM/FM Cass. works but speakers should be replaced. Parking break cables have been replaced but break shoe needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

The Good News: Gearbox was rebuilt two years ago. Free wheel is totally functional (I have not used it much). New-ish break system and tires. Clutch seems pretty solid. Body is in very good shape. There are minor rust spots, but these have been patched up very well; work is visible only under careful scrutiny. There are a few dings but they are very minor. Bumpers are in good shape. This car was definitely never out east!

Other goodies: Set of heavy traction front snow tires. Electric rear window defroster (not installed now). 'Old School' Thule ski rack (a little bent but totally functional).

Final Thoughts: I bought this car with the hopes of restoring it to it's former glory, but like many other novice car buffs, I underestimated the amount of time, money and effort it would take to do this. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed this car immensely and have learned so much from owning it. It has been a very reliable and fun car and has never left me stranded. I have driven it up to the mountains to go skiing, out to the peninsula, and as far south as Eugene without a hitch. I am going to graduate school and need to 'consolidate' a bit so the car must go (though I'm not in a huge hurry to get rid of it). I'm hoping to sell it to someone who can give it the time and attention it deserves! Please contact me if interested:


Richard Potsubay 
849 NE 58th St. Seattle, WA
Wk Phone (8:00-5:00 M-F) (206) 543-1657
Home (Weeknights, weekends) (206) 526-1356

email: rpots@yahoo.com

Submitted 2/12/00

1967 SAAB 95, must sell, strong runner but needs some work.
  • Approximately 35,000 miles on rebuild
  • New rear brakes, battery and exhaust expansion chamber
  • Answers to the name "Bean"

I have no time for project cars - will take first reasonable offer.    

US$950.00 or best offer...
 I'm Moving and MUST SELL!!

(Also for sale:  '76 VW bus, good body, minor engine fire, $500 OBO and '80 KZ550 motorcycle, $750 OBO.)

Kurt (Calistoga, CA)
(707) 942-5720

(submitted 9/17/99)



1965 SAAB MC 850, painted, reupholstered and garaged since 1983.  
  • 1989 1st place concourse winner at the National Saab Convention
  • 1996 2nd place concourse winner at the National Saab Convention
  • 3 cylinder 850cc engine rebuilt recently and power enhanced by Bud Clark
  • Newer factory dual exhaust
  • New 165X15 Continental radials
  • New brakes, Bilstein shocks, many other new parts

This car has never been hit and has absolutely no rust.  One of the nicest Monte's in the country.    US$5,000.00

Mark Rheude
(San Dimas, California USA)

(626) 967-2459

Submitted 9/3/99


1972 SAAB 95, fully restored & ready to go!  

  • Immaculate factory restoration.
  • Quiet, smooth shifting. 
  • Driven almost daily, always starts right up.
  • Original (Pea) Green paint color. 
  • New paint job done within the last 4/5 years.
  • New windshield
  • Euro grille and headlights. Looks sharp!
  • Alpine CD/radio. Alarm.

63,900 miles.  Will sell to a good home only.  US$7,000    
Now US$5,000!
  Now US$5,000!

Leslie Hayne  (Oakland, California USA)

Submitted 8/1/99

Pat2Side.jpg 1970 SAAB 96 V4, complete restoration.   This car has been restored to original showroom condition.  
  • $5,000 paint job in SAAB Hauser Blue
  • Brand new suspension, brakes and interior
  • Complete engine and transmission rebuilds by Bud Clark
  • Original owner's manual and shop manual
  • $1,000 AM/FM/CD with spin-around faceplate
  • Spare bumper bits and trim pieces


This SAAB looks and drives as if it just rolled off the factory floor.  All mechanical work was performed by Bud Clark at J&B Imports.   Over $17,000 has been invested and all receipts are available.  This 96 has been meticulously cared for since completion and is now driven only once or twice per month.  Always garaged and covered.  Divorce forces sale... 

$9,995 or best offer...

Pat Olson (Mission Viejo, California USA)
949-455-7381  (home)

949-737-9351  (pager)
949-644-3299  extension 2700  (work/voicemail)

Re-submitted 6/10/99

CopCarSold.jpg (47895 bytes)

1968 SAAB 96 V4 Deluxe, "The Cop Car"

*  1500cc V4 with 10k on rebuild (new bearings, MSS heads)
*  MSS exhaust from top to tail
* 1969 advance curve distributor, Bosch blue coil
*  4 speed transmission with working freewheel
*  New 2-tone head-turning paint job -- white top, black sides
*  Late radiator, 900T cooling fan, 180 deg. thermoswitch inline
*  MSS springs in front, new ball joints
*  KYB Gasadjust shocks all around
*  Soccerball rims with new Kelly radials

The tranny is tight -- neither it nor the engine loses any oil -- and the cooling system is tight. The motor was redone by Ted Tucker (Loki automotive) in the 1980s. Very little rust, all repairable, needs trim strips to be perfect exterior-wise. Dash has a working tach, all instruments work except clock, radio from 1987 9000 with graphic EQ and 4 speakers. Wiring all checks out as car was a hulk when I got it. The interior could use work -- it's 31 years old! This is the only 96 I've ever owned with perfect working window regulators, they're very smooth and easy to operate. The car is driven daily here in VA.   $2500.00 OBO.        

William "Chip" Lamb (Williamsburg, Virginia USA)

Submitted 10/21/98

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