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Sonetts Previously Sold Through VSAAB.COM

SOLD!  1973 SAAB Sonett III
   I bought it in 2004 and drove it 800 miles home from Seattle to Sacramento with no problems.  Once home I installed an MSS exhaust system and Pertronix ignition, and new plugs and plug wires the same year.  Since then I’ve only driven it about 2-3 miles every once in a while to keep things lubed and charged, but otherwise it hasn’t had any real miles on it since then.   I have several classic and modern cars and they keep me busy enough.  Engine is strong and sounds great with the MSS system.  Odometer reads about 22K, but I doubt that it’s the original mileage.  Fuel gauge is flaky but may be just a bad connection (jumps around a lot).  The rest of the gauges work fine.  Reason for selling?  The usual: too many cars and I want to thin the herd.


● It had a repaint a couple of years before I got it (same blue color) and it still looks nice.

● Brand new 165/80-15 tires on original soccer-style wheels.

● Seats and most of interior are in nice shape.


● Rear window gasket needs to be replaced – still there but has shrunk over the years.

● Headliner was removed before I got it, but door panels and rear compartment panels are good.

● One side panel upper portion (plastic) is bowed. Might be able to soften and straighten it with heat.

● No radio. I found an original but it doesn’t work. Can be installed for an original (non-working) look.

● Small cracks in lower corner of the windshield but not in line of vision.


Bill Tubbs
Submitted:  10/1/14 Q

SOLD!   1969 SAAB Sonett V4

  • White, 4-speed, 75,000 miles, serial no. 1069
  • Seeking a good home for this much loved Sonett.  One owner.  Car has been stored in a sealed, low humidity Car Bag for past 5+ years
  • In great condition with the following exceptions:  A slight abrasion on left front fiberglass hood.   Rear window is cracked but intact (I understand that a replacement Plexiglas window is available from a supplier in California and I have located a replacement apparently available in Minnesota).

  • Vehicle is road-worthy; has just been serviced by my mechanic. Tires are Michelins with minimal wear. Exhaust has been modified somewhat with a Stebro muffler. 

  • Extensive pictures are available on request. 

  • Also available for purchase are a huge assortment of parts, all genuine Saab parts unless noted:
  • Two rubber gaiters
  • carburetor gaskets
  • windshield wiper parts
  • cotter pin
  • clutch slave cylinder
  • three complete gasket sets
  • two clutch assemblies
  • two clutch discs
  • brake springs
  • two carb diaphragms
  • fan belt
  • two oil filters
  • clutch release bearing
  • vacuum control
  • three fuel pump diaphragms
  • piston ring set
  • brake pad set
  • three ext rings
  • retainer lock
  • valve seal
  • two ash trays
  • four air filters (Fram)
  • brake light lens
  • distributor rotor
  • two used brake drums
  • SAAB parts manual
  • SAAB shop manual
  • misc gaskets, screws, bolts

$6,500 or best offer


Erik Rule
Ontario, Canada

Submitted 6/3/12

SOLD! Sonett III Collection and Parts Stash * REDUCED!*

I fixed the cars up for my kids to drive and so there are no known safety issues.  Moving and must sell.

All cars have soccer ball wheels, Washington State titles, four with classic car license.  All have some rusting in trunk.  Interior and door panels/carpet ok but needs work.  No known problems with heating system or engine cooling system, no rust in tank/fuel.  All but the white one have single barrel carb.  Two were stable mates with VIN numbers 10 numbers apart.

1974 Orange: daily driver. body excellent with perhaps some small road chips, engine sound but leaks some oil, transmission fine with working free wheel, no headliner, soccer ball wheels, radio present but no speakers.
1974 Orange: driver, body excellent with perhaps some small road chips, engine sound, transmission sound with working free wheel,

1973/74 Red: driver, body is sound but did not have the body dings repaired and painted, small steering wheel, engine sound, transmission sound with working free wheel however it likes to stick in 4th, previous owner repaired rusting floor panels but some rust remains.
1974 Green Metal Flake: driver, body excellent with perhaps some small road chips, engine sound, transmission sound, no free wheel,
1974 White: I have done little to this car, engine runs and coolant system is ok, body needs fiberglass work, sanding, paint but no major structural problems as far as I can see, interior needs work, all parts are there, this has a Weber carb and enhanced suspension, front end was set in place for photo.
Over 12 boxes of parts:  Several shop manuals and owners manuals, 1 engine, SAAB and Sonett nameplates, many radios, new clutch and ignition parts (points, plugs, distributor cap/rotor), one complete front end but will need some fiberglass repair, heater fan/core, windshield wiper motors, dash instruments, keys and locks, lamps and tail light/marker covers, electrical relays, spare tires, transmission, 1 full set of all glass, several sets of interior handles, mirrors, and trim, 2 sets mounted snow tires, extra tires off wheels, plus a whole lot more!
US$12,000 or best offer

Michael Kippes

SOLD! 1969 SAAB Sonett V4

This 1969 Saab Sonett V4 2-door sport coupe is in great condition. 

It has been garaged for the last 25 years and it runs.  

The body is in really good condition as you can see in the pictures.

There is some minor rust on the rocker panels, but the battery box and floor boards are rust-free.

The only thing we did to get it running was bypass the fuel pump with an electric fuel pump.

Blue book on the car is US$5,375.00.

To see this car run, please check out the following YouTube videos:

Sonett Video #1 Sonett Video #2

US$4,000 or trade



Henderson, NV
(303) 210-2504

SOLD! 1969 SAAB Sonett V4

Selling my beautiful 1969 SAAB Sonett that was originally prepared for classic/vintage rallys. However, this car was NEVER raced or rallied, but it is ready to go. It is in as original condition, except for the engine rebuild, as possible. The new interior (including the head liner, carpets, most side panels, and seats) was redone in original style and materials, and the was car repainted original red. The finish is absolutely beautiful. All the rubber seals, weather stripping and glass are in pristine condition as can be seen in the pictures. There is no rust or accident repair in this car. The original chassis is 100% solid. Many more pictures available. Also see Ebay ad item # 250666279823 for more pictures.

The 1500 cc V4 engine has been rebuilt by the well-know Motor Sport Service (MSS) including: fully balanced, ported heads, magna-fluxed crankshaft, new balance shaft gear, Isky F66 camshaft  performance cam, Weber 32/36 2-barrel carb and Euro manifold, MSS sport exhaust system, lightened flywheel and HD clutch, new hydraluics (clutch and entire brake system) using new OEM model 96/97 Monte Carlo calipers, pads and rotors in the front and new Monte Carlo drums and shoes in the back. SAAB Shelby-type 8-spoke 5.5" alloy wheels with 185/65 tires. Many spares come with this car, including a comple set of 5 new winter snow tires (for winter rallys) on SAAB steel wheels. The water pump and front suspension joints are new, and the ignition is a Petronix for reliability. This starts, idles, and run flawlessly, and is exceptionally quick. All accessories, extra lights, heater, fan and wiper/washer work as they should.

The Sonett includes a Moto-Lita steering wheel with an original SAAB centercap. The vinyl rally stickers can be easily peeled off, and the paint will not show any fade because this car is always garaged and covered when not driven or at a car show.  The car comes with owners handbook, workshop manual, and other period documentation. This car can be used as a vintage/historic classic rally car (if you wish) or as a rare show car (my choice). It is an exceptional well-sorted car, and ready to drive home!

Asking $13,500 obo


Russ Hertzog
Georgetown, TX

SOLD!  1972 SAAB Sonett III

  • Original owner, estate sale, excellent condition

  • Green, 62000 miles

  • New tires, 195/60-15, Koni shocks, upholstery redone

  • Factory air

  • Heavy-duty engine parts used in recent rebuild

  • SAAB 900 pistons & valves

  • New exhaust

  • Lots of underhood chrome

  • California car, no rust, CA Plate = "Sonet72"

  • Factory AM/FM

  • Powdercoated wheels

  • Drive it anywhere, very nice -- needs minor body
    work on the tail to be perfect

Asking $7,500

For more information, please contact:

Bud Clark
(714) 282-7378 
(9am to 6PM PDT, M-F)
Orange, CA

Updated 12/13/08

SOLD!  1973 SAAB Sonett III

Unfortunately after some 10 years of rebuilding this car, I can't drive it now due to worsening symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.  I'm offering it first to the vintage SAAB community, hoping someone is ready for a garaged, California, rust-free car with all the major work already done.

  • Burgundy, #97735002102, 88,000 miles

  • 1500 miles on rebuilt 1700cc, bored +1mm

  • Rebuilt transmission

  • Weber 2bbl carburetor

  • Isky F4 Cam re-grind

  • 6-roller freewheel, stabilizer bar

  • 96 rear springs, new brakes, stainless steel brake hoses

  • Electric fan, rodded radiator

  • 1.5" exhaust w/reamed heads and donuts

  • Big oil pump


Dave Ragans
(512) 280-2877 
Austin, TX  USA

Updated 5/8/09

SOLD! 1974 SAAB Sonett III

  • Engine inspired by Jack Lawrence

  • Hardened over-sized valves

  • Steel balance shaft gear, Isky F66 Cam

  • Weber 32/36 carb with K/N air filter

  • Glass is good, no rust

  • Rear floor pan has been replaced

  • Five soccer ball wheels, new battery

Clear title, extra parts, lots of NINES literature.  Car came with A/C but it has been removed (still have the A/C unit).  Runs but needs to be restored.  Paint is OK.  The car has been stored in garage.

$1,800 or best offer
(buyer to pay shipping)



Charlie Liss
(832) 385-5156
League City, TX

Submitted 8/8/08

SOLD!  1974 SAAB Sonett III
  • Miles:  107,703 as of 16 Dec. 2006. About 7,000 since engine overhaul.

  • Frame:  Almost no rust.

  • Body:  The car was repainted (orange) before I bought it.  I have about a pint of touch-up paint from the same batch.  

  • Glass:  All the windows appear original and have no cracks.

  • Wheels:  The car has the soccer ball wheels with the blue Saab emblems in them. (There are four emblems, one is slightly damaged. The spare does not have one.) 

  • Engine:  Was overhauled at approximately 100,000 miles. The overhaul was very thorough. I am trained as an aircraft mechanic and did the overhaul myself, except for machine work. All bearings, seals, and gaskets were replaced.  Valves were ground, the cam and tappets were ground, heads were milled, rings replaced. The points and condenser were replaced with a small Hall-effect unit that fits inside the stock distributor. 

  • Transmission:  Rebuilt. There is no excessive whine in any of the gears. 

  • Suspension:  I haven’t changed the shocks since buying the car. 

  • Interior:  All but the headliner are original. The seats are in good shape, considering their age. They are not torn or frayed. The straps that hold the lumbar pillows were separated when I bought the car. I still have the pillows in a sack, and they will be included with the car, of course.

  • Windshield wipers: The motor was replaced by Saabmasters in Seattle. It went dry later and I re-lubricated it. I added a port in the side of the motor case (plugged by a screw) so that the motor can be lubed without having to be removed.

  • Windshield washer:  The pump works, but I think the reservoir has a leak partway up the side. It could probably be fixed with some epoxy. Nozzles were replaced with units from a Ford ZX2.

  • Clutch:  I have rebuilt both the master and slave cylinders and replaced the clutch.

  • Brakes:  I rebuilt the front calipers and replaced the pads. I checked the rear shoes and left them alone, since they had a lot of wear left. Spare shoes are in the parts box. All four flex hoses have been replaced to prevent sticking of brakes.

  • Tools:  The original jack and tool kit is in the trunk.

  • Manuals:  Included with the car is a factory manual for the Sonett and a Haynes manual for the engine.

  • Documents:  I will include with the car the original factory window sticker. Also I have a fuel log of every fuel purchase I made since buying the car. It shows date, miles, gallons and total cost. That should provide a pretty good feel for the gas mileage the car gets.



Summary: This is not a show car; I didn’t try to make it perfect.  I just tried to keep it mechanically sound and as pleasing aesthetically as I could.  I think it would make a great basis for a full-blown restoration.  I’m just not interested in doing that myself.  All you vintage Saab folks know that the technology in Sonetts is old, and they require more tinkering than modern automobiles do to keep them running and working well.  I hope one of you will see its value and add it to your collection.  I’d like for this car to go to someone who knows Sonetts and enjoys restoring, maintaining, and driving them.

$4,500 obo

Sam Mitchell
Hurst, TX
817) 280-9604 (after 6:00 pm CST)

Submitted 1/12/07 q

SOLD! 1974 SAAB Sonett III

Baja Red Sonett in very good shape.  Runs well with 72K miles and all systems operating.  Car is set up for air conditioning.  Recently re-upholstered seats; sport exhaust; working radio and a set of brand new Pirelli tires.  Body and all glass excellent; headliner sagging slightly.  Southern car garaged for most of its life, very minimal rust, none in battery area.


$4,500  $4,000

Ted Wiegel
Central Florida
(407) 349-5485
or (407) 349-9971

Submitted 11/13/06 q

SOLD! 1969 SAAB Sonett V4, #1741
NO RUST - This Sonett has been in Phoenix, AZ since 1974
My family is the 2nd owner of this Sonett. Too many spares to list: rebuilt transmission, overbored-ported motor ready to assemble, NOS two-barrel intake, NOS two-barrel Weber, NOS brake rotors, NOS clutch/pressure plate, I have a pile of NOS parts! Second child is on the way, and I do not have the time or money to complete the Sonett to show quality. More details of my 2003 rebuild can be seen here: http://members.cox.net/saabdude/Projectlog.htm


  • All glass intact
  • 4-bolt rear hubs, 4-bolt adapters on front wheels
  • Carroll Shelby wheels
  • KYB adjustable shocks
  • Balanced motor
  • Hardened valves - runs on unleaded
  • Weber 34ICH carb
  • Electric fan and fuel pump
  • VDO oil pressure gauge
  • Pertronix ignition
  • MSS exhaust
  • Optima red top battery
  • Custom fit car cover
  • NOS clutch & brake master cylinders
  • All new ball joints & bushings
  • New brake pads & shoes
  • New wheel bearings
  • Talbot mirrors


$10,000 or best offer

Michael Garrison
Chandler, AZ
(480) 899-0964

Submitted 7/16/06

SOLD! 1974 Sonett III

For repair or parts:  Motor show about 60,000 miles on a unit that had air conditioning at one time (it may still be there, I don't know).   The body is in good shape except for a chip out of the hood cover about 2" x 1".  The underside has rust holes in the normal spots.  I do not think it was ever repaired (wreck or rust).  I did just start the motor...by dumping gas slowly down the carb...   I removed the seats in the photo below to show floor condition.  I am asking $500 as is with no title, although I am trying to get it from the seller.  It is missing the following that I know of:

  • front & rear bumpers, exhaust system, radio, underhood electrics for headlights

  • control console for heater, driver side rear window, needs windshield, shifter knob

  • some carpeting, rear window hold up rods, turn signal lever

$500, as is

Mike Wilson
Pennsylvania, USA
(724) 962-5006

07/13/05  Q

SOLD! 1974 Sonett III

This car has been collector owned since the late 1970's.  It is a well maintained, complete and original condition car that runs and drives well. This is one of the last Sonetts built, #2436 out of 2483 in 1974.

  • 75000 miles

  • Original Mellow Yellow paint in good condition

  • All lights and instruments are functional

  • Original interior and carpets in very good condition

  • MSS exhaust system

  • Cibie halogen headlights

  • Freewheel disabled by Bud Clark

  • Rocker panels replaced in 1996; frame is sound

  • Complete with factory shop manuals and parts
    catalog for SAAB 95, 96, 97 & Monte Carlo

  • Breakerless ignition

  • Jack and tool kit in their original bags


Nelson Woodruff
Wisconsin, USA
(715) 643-3470

05/21/05  Q

SOLD! 1974 Sonett III

Second baby on the way forces sale.

  • Good condition, California car

  • Floor and rockers in good condition

  • Car is white, originally red

  • Engine and trans rebuilt 4 years ago

  • High compression, full-floating forged pistons

  • Big intake and exhaust valves

  • New timing gears (all steel)

  • 1bbl Weber carb with manual choke

  • Pertronix ignition (no more points)

  • Electric cooling fan

  • Interior is in good condition

  • Original SAAB AM/FM radio

  • All interior items work exc. odo (miles unknown)

  • Car has all 5 soccer ball wheels

I also have lots of spare parts that go with this car including two doors, windshield, gauges, tail lights and many more.

$3,800 obo

Eric Thomas
7546 Gibraltar St. Apt. C
Carlsbad, CA 92009
(760) 632-5084

11/8/03 Q

SOLD! 1974 Sonett III

Daily driver or restore.  152,000 miles with 82,000 on engine/transmission.   New steel timing gear set, rear hatch gasket, braided stainless front brake hoses.   Dark blue (originally lime green) with custom blue interior.   I have a nearly complete original tan interior as well.  Floors and rockers repaired.

I can email photos with car on lift and bonnet off to document condition, including solid spring towers and rear axle connection point.  Less than 2000 miles on clutch, rear shoes, and OEM dual exhaust.  900 electric fan installed.  Looks OK, but could use paint and minor fiberglass work.

Can probably arrange to deliver at reasonable cost within 1000 miles of St. Paul, Minnesota.

$2,500, or best offer

Bruce Bakke
Saint Paul, Minnesota

8/16/03 Q

SOLD!  1969 Sonett V4

Exceptionally nice, original yellow. 58K miles.

Car is complete. Needs mechanical TLC because of long, covered, dry storage in my shop.

All new weatherstrip kits, a set of soccerball aluminum wheels, a copy of the owner's manual and a factory service manual go with the car.

Paint is so good on this car it only needs polishing—the body is really nice.





Jack Ashcraft
2030 Grey Eagle Drive
Medford, OR  97501
(541) 779-0731

 3/12/03 Q

SOLD! 1967 SAAB Sonett II, #190 (Two-stroke)

I will be happy to answer all inquires via phone or e-mail.  To try and list the pros and cons here would not paint an accurate picture, nor do justice to the car.  Please contact me if interested and I will fax you a fact sheet.  Thank you!


Tom Lovelace
Van Alstyne, Texas

Submitted 6/19/01 Q

  SOLD!  1971 SAAB Sonett III

Yellow.  Has lots of good stuff still in good shape.  Has soccerball wheels in really good condition, all the glass is good and not cracked/chipped.  Engine access panel is off in the pics because it's getting some fiberglass edge cracks repaired...as this was the beginning of my project.  

I pulled the front carpets out to judge rust.  NO perforations and the metal is still strong, thus the cancer isn't bad in the pans or chassis.  Seats and anchor points are firm and solid.  The interior trim panels are pretty much removed for making templates (i.e., door panels, sail panel trim, etc.) 

No body damage in the form of accidents or collisions, although the usual stress/age cracks are present on the nose.  The carb is off because it got gummed up after sitting for so long before I got it.  Engine will turn over and the electrical system seems to function properly.  

I didn't intend to sell this little guy, but I am not going to be able to finish this project. I have a 1978 99 turbo that has my full attention right now, and I cant bear to let this Sonett sit out for any longer.  Give it a good home! 

I am not trying to make a million dollars off of this car obviously, but its not something I want to let go for $50 either, know what I mean?  Please direct offers, and other requests to my e-mail below and I will get right to you.  I am in the DALLAS TEXAS area and have a clear Texas title for this car.

More photos may be found here.

Email Scott Martin: scott@saabsport.com

Submitted 6/1/01 Q

SOLD!   1968 Sonett V4

Stored in the desert for many years, this one is in need of complete reconditioning.  It's all there, glass and lenses are in good shape -- including the rear window!  Aside from minor rust in the trunk floor area and battery tray the car is very solid.

Asking US$2,000 or ???

Call for more information.

Bud Clark
J&B Imports
2296A N. Batavia Street
Orange, CA   92865
(714) 282-7378
(310) 325-8519  evenings


SOLD!  1969 SAAB Sonett V4, serial no. 1241

Not running, needs love and attention that I just cannot give it.  Red body, black interior.  Clean, straight body.  Interior in really good shape as well.  Engine needs going through and some work.

93981 miles, located in southern California.

Asking $1500, or trade for motorcycle? 

Joshua Mason
(Long Beach, California USA)

(562) 494-6882

Submitted 1/7/01

SOLD!    1969 SAAB Sonett V4, serial no. 1592

Blue with black leather interior.  66,000 original miles.  Four speed gearbox. Near-mint condition.  Nevada/California car.  NO RUST.  Pronounced in excellent condition by SAAB mechanic at recent service.  

REDUCED to $6,500 $5,995! 

Jason Pastori
(Los Angeles, California USA)

(323) 258-7337

Submitted 6/21/00, revised 10/20

SOLD!   1971 SAAB Sonett III

One owner, So Cal car, good body and interior, motor runs but tired.  150k original miles, has original optional leather seats. Always garaged.  No rust.  Nice repaintComes with 1970 Sonett III parts car, no rust, good body and chassis, complete with drivetrain.

$900 obo for both!
US$2,200.00 obo for both.

Jim Haskins
3600 S Harbor Blvd. 
Oxnard, CA   93035
(805) 984-0811

Submitted 10/13/00

SOLD!   Three Sonett projects!

I have three Sonetts in various stages of dismantling. Mostly complete, but mostly taken apart.  One was running, kind of, when put in storage.  One has the engine in the trunk.  One is spread over most of the county.  '72, '73, & '74.  I will gather them up, you ship them. If you find them worth more than the shipping, send me $$.  I'd rather not deal with parting them out. It's hard enough to give up on the project (I am the original owner of the '72, which is the one spread all over the county).   Ask questions if you are interested, I will answer as best I can.

Suzanne Wolf  (San Jose, California USA)

Submitted 8/29/00

SOLD!  1968 SAAB Sonett V4, 2-DR Coupe,  VIN#376

Chamonix White with black interior.  This car was the showroom car from Vasek Polak Saab for 15 years and was part of his personal collection.  After his death in '96, it was bought by one of his mechanics, and I bought it from him in '98.   Car shows 19,980 miles which both mechanic and Vasek Polak Jr claim true.   Xlnt original shape.  Has Pertronic ignition on original 1500 engine, and later style 'Soccerballs' with blue caps and new rubber.  Runs very well.  Have many spares including complete 1700 engine and manifold with 2bbl carb, steel wheels, spare tranny and parts to convert to floor shift.  Repair manual and parts fiche. No rust or wrecks. Very nice and original early V4, with interesting history.  Car is in southern California.   

US$7,950 or best offer.

Peter Sliskovich  (Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA)
(310) 519-7554

Submitted 4/6/00

CwindowsTEMPnsmailRH.jpg (16341 bytes)SOLD!   1968 SAAB Sonett V4
2-DR Coupe,  VIN#681

44k Miles, V4, 4 Speed, Blue w/ Black Interior.  Here is a nice car for the semi-serious car buff. This cute little Sonett has a powerful V4 engine equipped with a 2 barrel carb and manifold. Add a MSS performance exhaust and you get lots of pleasure from driving her! A rust free chassis that has been completely redone in the proper paint. All front suspension parts painted and complete engine bay detailing. Rebuilt trans, new clutch, rebuilt everything under the hood!!   $7,500

Tom Donney (Iowa, USA)
(800) 626-7222

Submitted 08/24/99

DaveSold.jpg (29318 bytes)

SOLD!   1969 SAAB Sonett V4, original, very solid, rust-free car lived in Hawaii and many years in the garage.  It is possibly the best available anywhere.

Only 67,500 miles!


Dave McMahan (Cincinatti, Ohio  USA)
(513) 792-9352
(513) 791-5428

Submitted 04/1/99

1969 Sonett II (27380 bytes) SOLD!   1968 SAAB Sonett II, red, approximately 80K miles.  I bought the car from the original owner's widow in '71 with 6700 miles on it.  Speedo broke at 12K miles.  I sold it to my father in '74.  It's on its third set of tires.  The tags expired in '95.  Garage kept.  Service records available.  Never flogged.  Needs TLC, good home.   $3000 - $5000.

Mike Minges (Fremont, California USA)
(510) 796-0713

Submitted 6/30/98

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